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How to financially survive critical illness

How to financially survive critical illness


Ram Kumar (name changed) was an inspiration for all children in his family. Consistently bright in academics and working in one of the top tech companies in India, Ram was a model professional. In his personal life, Ram was equally focused, living a healthy life that was occasionally put to the test by tight deadlines.

One day in late 2015, Ram felt dizzy and experienced a sudden chest pain. He went for a routine checkup and learned his cardiac arteries were blocked and he required bypass surgery.

This changed the world for Ram. While the procedure was successful, his lifestyle required major changes. He needed time off work and also reduced working hours. After the surgery, Ram began freelancing to avoid long office hours. He had to liquidate part of his savings to compensate for taking time off work.

As healthcare costs are on the rise, surviving critical illness – while positive in every sense – can pose a challenge to your financial well-being.

Here are the three ways you could avoid compromising on your financial assets:

  1. Have a critical illness insurance plan – Surviving a critical illness is financially tough. You will have increased medical expenses with lower income potential. If you’re the sole breadwinner in your family, you will have to dip into your savings to look after your dependents.
  1. Change your work responsibilities – Flexible working hours and a change in the nature of your job (if stressful) will help a long way in combating critical illness.
  1. Review your budgets –  If you do not have a critical illness insurance plan, there is a big chance that you would not be able to maintain your current standard of living. In this case, you must re-look at your budgets and reduce any discretionary spends and prioritize spends.


Protect yourself against critical illness


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