Home Critical Illness Plan – Stories Of Amazing Survivors

Critical Illness Plan – Stories Of Amazing Survivors

This cancer survivor is tackling stigma head on with a social platform for survivors

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When Sushanth Kodela arrived in Mumbai as a graduate student in 2011, he had no idea the seemingly innocuous symptoms he’d experienced for years would put his life on hold. The 29-year-old computer science grad hails from Warangal district in Telangana, around 130 km from Hyderabad. Wanting to combine business with social issues, Sushanth enrolled […]

How the power of positivity helped this banker bounce back to her feet

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Ankita Kothari was one year into a promising career as a corporate banker in Hyderabad when a devastating road accident shattered her right leg, leaving her unable to walk. Doctors told her she would need multiple surgeries. Determined to avoid another operation, the 24-year-old IIM-Raipur graduate decided to adopt a positive attitude and got back […]

How a transplant gave this fitness buff a new lease on life – and a second chance with dad

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Ally Sequeira is no stranger to health setbacks. At 17, he was diagnosed with acute nephritis, a life-threatening ailment that led to kidney failure. At first, the outlook seemed bleak. His doctor told him to stop eating meat and playing sports. “Non-veg was not a big deal for me, but I was not willing to […]

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