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How a comprehensive protection plan secures your family’s future

Team BigDecisions
If you have a family, you’ve likely started taking financial planning seriously. This is especially true if you’re the primary breadwinner and have several dependants. Insurance is a must to protect your family against all eventualities, the most serious being critical illness and early, unexpected demise. Term life insurance is the most basic form, paying […]

3 Insurance policies every Indian must buy

Team BigDecisions
Protecting your assets and wealth is a fundamental pillar towards creating an exhaustive personal financial plan. The correct mix of insurance policies help you in not just safeguarding but also spend less in protecting your wealth. Let’s look at 3 insurance policies, which are must in your portfolio 1. Term life Insurance  Term Insurance protects […]

3 ways to prepare for unexpected critical illness

Team BigDecisions
Unexpected events and unplanned expenses are an unfortunate reality of life. Building a strong contingency plan is essential to managing emergency situations. Let’s take the example of Murugesh V. (name changed to protect identity), a 32-year-old IT professional from Bangalore who was recently diagnosed with acute kidney failure that required dialysis, followed by a transplant. […]

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